A Fusion of Geekiness and Spirituality

Welcome! Here you'll find the ramblings of a man who has been a geek most of his life and a person of faith for about half that time. The melding of geekiness and spirituality and what that means for me and the communities in which I live and move.

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Geek Defined

Pracher A person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. Most geeks identify themselves among various categories such as comic book geeks, gamer geeks, sci-fi geeks, science geeks, philosophy geeks, history geeks or music and film geeks. These are just a few of the categories for geeks because they continue to grow every day!

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The Geek's Lord's Prayer

He who rulz the interwebz
Your name roxors!
You have the virus free OS,
School us in its use
Both virtually and in the Real Wurldz!
Food r good, plz give us sum
Delete those flamewars we caused,
As we delete the flames of others
Keep us frum clickin on pr0n and othrz stuff
And take away the bad programming
'Cause u pwn it all,
All our base are belong to you!