The G33k’s 23rd Psalm

Well, I’m taking a class called Introduction to Educational Ministry and we have to paraphrase the 23rd Psalm for an in class project. I decided to go The G33k route so I thought I’d post it here to share it with everyone.

The G33K’s Twenty-Third Psalm

God is my programmer; I always have the latest software
God gives me the fastest processor on earth, My hard drive never crashes
God gives me constant updates that are always helpful
Even though it seems the computer crash is coming, I’m not worried for I.T. is with me
Their flash drives and high-speed access comfort me
Even when the Mac users hate on me I sit down with them because you’ve
Let me know that the PC & Mac will learn to live together in harmony.
Surely I’ll be able to handle internet flame wars all the days of my access.

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