My Week Thus Far….

Just thought I’d share a bit of insight into my week. It doesn’t have all the details but some have asked me how a Geekpreacher spends his time.

So far this has been an interesting week. My wife went back to work and that’s always a sad time for me. I love having her home during the summer and, honestly, it helps me understand how beautiful it would be if she didn’t have to work outside the home. However, I also see how much she loves teaching these children and I find that a measure of grace from God, given to her, for the children’s betterment.

Her cousin, Marc, also came to vist this week on his way to his new military station. We haven’t seen him in 3 or 4 years and it was wonderful seeing this man whom we’d last saw as a boy. His maturity and strength are amazing and I will continue to pray he grows in wisdom as the days and years go by.

Lastly, I’ve gone back to cooking now that she is at work. Monday night we had oven roast pork butt with one of my special BBQ concoctions to baste it with along with some really good mashed potatoes and salad. Last night, I made a pot of Jambalaya with a bit of my own twist and it seemed to go over well. I also took some to the Lodge meeting and they also seemed to enjoy it.

So, tonight? I made a Tuna Fettuccine Alfredo with a good deal of seasoning and everyone seemed to enjoy it as well. Tomorrow night’s dinner will be a simpler fare….we’re having breakfast for dinner.

Of course, all of this has been on top of my regular work. I’m trying to finish working on this sermon which I’ve had outlined for the past few weeks but it seems the phone rings or something comes up each time I pick up the text and begin to work with it. So, it’s no wonder I’m going to stay up another hour and read the Gospel of John Chapter 6 one more time and do a bit of study.

Yes, that’s just part of my week. (Oh, and I also received my “official” acceptance into the Doctorate of Ministry program at George Fox so I’m excited and anxious about that as well. Now I just have to find a way to fund it!)

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