Radical Inclusivity: Geek Style

Radical Inclusivity #geek style: You threw me in a trashcan when I was a kid, you made fun of me ’cause I sucked at sports, you called me “gay” and “fag” to make me feel bad. At times, I wished I was dead.

I hated you and all you stood for but now you work for me. I thought I would have a chance to get back at you but you and your friends still make fun of me behind my back. You’re still using me for your own entertainment.

What do I do? I smile, read my comic books and realize I have loving relationships way beyond those you will ever experience. Your friends like you because of your hate and pain….mine love me because of mutual interest and respect. You can’t show weakness to your friends but my friends and loves help me find strength in the middle of all my weakness.

It’s good to be a geek!

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