May Pastor’s Corner

Easter has just passed and, for many, it seems as if the Christian year has come to an end. However, after Easter we are called to wait expectantly for Pentecost. I have said time and again that in living out the Christian year we are brought through the life of the Gospels and this allows them to play out in our lives on a regular basis.

So, what is Pentecost about? In preparing our hearts for this season, we are reminded when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles and fulfilled Jesus’ promise that He would never leave them nor forsake them. That very same Spirit that fell upon the Apostles during those early days is available to us and communicates the presence of Jesus to our lives. It is through this Spirit that we are connected to Jesus because the Holy Spirit gives witness to Jesus. The Spirit tells us about Jesus, Jesus tells us about the Father and the Father spreads His love abroad in the world. This is the divine dance of the Triune God at work! So, with these words in mind, it is my hope that you will prepare your hearts for an experience of this Triune God over the next few weeks that we might be empowered to be disciples of Jesus. Please have prayerful hearts as we seek to have God move in our lives and our community.

It is my hope that the coming sermon series on 1 Peter will help us build a closer relationship with Jesus. While I’m preaching through this book, I hope you take time to read through it and familiarize yourself with it. This is a great book in the New Testament that helps guide us in knowing the Living Christ and in knowing this Christ we will serve our brothers and sisters better.

On a separate note, we also have the pictures for the church directory coming up. It is my hope that you will sign up for the directory because we really need it updated. If you’re unable to have your picture taken, we understand but we would really love to have any updated information added to the directory.

We also have special services coming up as well. Fairly soon, Mother’s Day will be upon us as well as the graduation of many of our High School students. I think it is providential that these two events occur during the same month. Without the helping hands of our mothers, many of us would not have made it through those years of High School nor would we have had the encouragement to go on to college. So, please spend time in prayer for our students and our mothers during the month of May.

God’s Best Always and in All Ways,
Pastor Derek

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