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Expectancy Bias: The Curse of the Church?

Let’s start off by defining Expectancy Bias: “Once we spot what we think is a trend…we involuntarily expect that trend to continue, an expectation aided and abeted by agent metaphors.” (James Geary, I Is An Other: The Secret Life of … Continue reading


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Happy Halloween!

Since our local newspaper posted my thoughts on Halloween in Saturday’s paper, I thought I’d put it on the interwebs for those of you who don’t use those “dead tree” products or if you don’t read the local paper. (By … Continue reading

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“Biblical” Mawwiage

What the frak is the “biblical definition of marriage?” I’m sick and tired of politicians and religious leaders ranting about this issue and make it sound as if this is the issue on which America will stand or fall. “Biblical” … Continue reading

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The Sacramental Life: Reconciliation

The Sacramental Life: Part Two Mark 9:30-37; James 3:13-4:3 This is the text of the message from September 23, 2012. If you were present and heard the message, you’ll know it’s always a bit different from what I’ve written down. … Continue reading

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