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Nerd Rage

“When world-views collide, as they do in pluralistic societies, our hero systems are relativized and called into question. This undermines the existential armor we need to achieve a workaday equanimity in the face of death. And when facing this prospect, … Continue reading

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The Geekpreacher: GenCon Day One

My friends and I arrived in Indianapolis fairly early on Wednesday morning. We did so because we thought traveling at night would be much easier and, while it was very tiring, that worked out really well. The traffic on the … Continue reading

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Geeks, Christians, and Pop Culture

San Diego Comic Con has been in Geek News a great deal the last few weeks. Over the years it has become the Mecca of Geekiness for quite a few comic book nerds. (Sadly, this particular nerd has never had … Continue reading


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