In the world of social media, we are taught to put our best face forward at all times. Sadly, this gives an unbalanced view of life and the world. We post our most clever photos, our newest clothing, and our greatest achievements. When we do this, we give the world the view that our lives are perfect and grand. The world does not see that it took us 20 tries to get that pic exactly right. It doesn’t realize those new jeans were put on a credit card and we aren’t sure how we will pay for it. It also doesn’t see all the failures we had before we unlocked that great achievement.
On the flip side, there are those who use social media to air all the darkness and pain in their lives. For those of us who read them, we see a life of spiraling horror. The looming abyss seems to always be grasping at them.
Christ is a man acquainted with grief and sorrow, at the wedding in Cana He was in the midst of joy and celebration. The Christ follower is called to live a transparent life that shares both the highs and the lows. This life of transparency to which we are called is a difficult one but one which Jesus lived. Jesus laughed and Jesus wept.
Let us learn to share the reality of life with all that we meet and, in that sharing, may they meet Jesus.

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3 Responses to Transparency 

  1. Kyle Rudge says:

    As a media personality, it was recommended that I have a ‘public’ profile and a ‘private’ profile. I did that for awhile but it became so exhausting.

    I would go to post something that I found genuinely interesting/funny/whatever only to stop myself and think that it might not be best for my public persona.

    Then it begs the question: if it’s not good for my public persona, why is it a part of my private persona? I became so divided trying to manage two different lives. I eventually came to the conclusion that if I can’t post it publicly perhaps I need to reconsider who I am privately.

    I know it’s only slightly related but spurred the thought.

  2. louismoreaugottschalk says:

    In my searches I look for ppl who post w certainty out of their exp w an ongoing relationship w christ thru his holy spirit. I find that the ppl who are experiencing this have processed a lot of pain fr fear of abandonment & betrayal. I think they know the reality of prayer & answered prayer & have w/stood & survived the worst things that can happen to one: being marginalized.

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