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In the world of social media, we are taught to put our best face forward at all times. Sadly, this gives an unbalanced view of life and the world. We post our most clever photos, our newest clothing, and our … Continue reading


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#UMACscorecard Are you serious?

Hi! Your friendly, neighborhood Geekpreacher here. United Methodist Churches around America are about to start meeting for business and, like most business meetings, it can be boring and frustrating. I’m sure there will be arguments about finances, sexuality, and a … Continue reading


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You Can Have Facebook and Eat Cake Too

Ministry and Community in a Digital Age   What I’m about to share with you brings me both joy and sadness. Joy in the story I’m sharing and sadness because it still needs to be shared. For the last few … Continue reading


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Just keep Babel’ing on….

I recently read a short blurb on Twitter which mentioned how important it is for religious leaders to use social media because, if you’re not online, you don’t exist to anyone under thirty. This reminded me of a discussion I … Continue reading

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Callahan’s Cyberspace Chapel & Saloon

“If a customer cannot be seen, heard, felt, smelt, or dealt a hand of cards, if he casts no shadow, empties no glass, and never visits the men’s room can he really be said to be there? Even if you’re … Continue reading


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The Church Impossible

Okay, Chef Robert Irvine inspired the title of this blog post. Why? Because my wife and I love to watch the show Restaurant Impossible. If you’re not familiar with Restaurant Impossible, it is a show about restaurant makeovers. Chef Irvine … Continue reading


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Transgenerational Ministry in the 21st Century

Transgenerational Community in the 21st Century   I’ve been at the meeting of the Memphis Annual Conference for the last few days and it has caused me to think about building communities across all age ranges. The reason I’m thinking … Continue reading

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