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The Spirit of the Age 2016

It’s after 4 AM and I’m wide awake. It’s not a good thing for a guy with a sleeping disorder to be awake like this but, hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on it later today.   Since I’m … Continue reading

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GenCon & Dark Dungeons (Part 3)

I would like to apologize for not having this last blog post in this series up sooner. Unfortunately, life seems to get in the way. Since I’ve arrived back from GenCon, I’ve had church meetings to attend, ministerial alliance meetings, … Continue reading


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Recently, I’ve heard Leonard Sweet ask two different groups, “In 2017, should we celebrate the birth of Protestantism or its death?” Here are my thoughts after a lengthy tour of colleges in Cambridge which were founded by Christians advocating learning … Continue reading


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Piercings are a transgression?

When I look around most mainline churches, I find everyone looks pretty much the same. Most people come from similar economic and cultural backgrounds and have many of the same peers. It reminds of Clone Wars from the Star Wars … Continue reading


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