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Florida, England, & GenCon or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

Sorry I haven’t blogged for some time. Life has been kicking me around with the busyness of everything. Long story short? Moved to a new charge in June of this year (United Methodist speak for moving to a new church … Continue reading

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Recently, I’ve heard Leonard Sweet ask two different groups, “In 2017, should we celebrate the birth of Protestantism or its death?” Here are my thoughts after a lengthy tour of colleges in Cambridge which were founded by Christians advocating learning … Continue reading


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You Can Have Facebook and Eat Cake Too

Ministry and Community in a Digital Age   What I’m about to share with you brings me both joy and sadness. Joy in the story I’m sharing and sadness because it still needs to be shared. For the last few … Continue reading


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Future Studies…

I spent the last week in Portland, Oregon beginning work on my Doctorate of Ministry through George Fox Evangelical Seminary. I thought, after graduating seminary last May, I would take a break so I could get down to the “nuts … Continue reading

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Old School Revival

First, I must begin with my gaming bona fides. I’ve been gaming since I was a little kid and have watched the evolution of video games from blips on a screen to a full blown cinematic event. I have seen … Continue reading

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The Church Impossible

Okay, Chef Robert Irvine inspired the title of this blog post. Why? Because my wife and I love to watch the show Restaurant Impossible. If you’re not familiar with Restaurant Impossible, it is a show about restaurant makeovers. Chef Irvine … Continue reading


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Transgenerational Ministry in the 21st Century

Transgenerational Community in the 21st Century   I’ve been at the meeting of the Memphis Annual Conference for the last few days and it has caused me to think about building communities across all age ranges. The reason I’m thinking … Continue reading

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