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GenCon & Dark Dungeons (Part 3)

I would like to apologize for not having this last blog post in this series up sooner. Unfortunately, life seems to get in the way. Since I’ve arrived back from GenCon, I’ve had church meetings to attend, ministerial alliance meetings, … Continue reading


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GenCon 2014 & Dark Dungeons (Part Two)

In the last installment about Dark Dungeons, you may have found I went into a great deal of my personal story. A few friends were shocked to find out that I burnt my D&D books even though it seems I … Continue reading

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The War on Christmas?

Yep, here I am actually blogging again and it’s the month of December when my life is crazy busy. For a geek, I really don’t blog enough but that’s probably because I spend most of my time talking in one … Continue reading

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