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A Modern Day Parable of the Sower

Jesus said, “Once there was a youtuber who scattered videos across the internet. One day he uploaded quite a few videos. Some of them were watched for a few minutes, and then people were distracted by other items in their … Continue reading


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Corporations as Spiritual Beings

Today the Supreme Court has ruled that “closely held” companies are able to act as persons in the particular area of birth control. I will not delve into the Affordable Healthcare Act, my views on birth control, or a variety … Continue reading


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A Thankful, Playful Life

What am I thankful for? I’m thankful I forgot to check the mail yesterday. I walked down to the mailbox before leaving for my mother-in- law’s house for our yearly feast and found an advance copy of The Well-Played Life … Continue reading

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Florida, England, & GenCon or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

Sorry I haven’t blogged for some time. Life has been kicking me around with the busyness of everything. Long story short? Moved to a new charge in June of this year (United Methodist speak for moving to a new church … Continue reading

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You Can Have Facebook and Eat Cake Too

Ministry and Community in a Digital Age   What I’m about to share with you brings me both joy and sadness. Joy in the story I’m sharing and sadness because it still needs to be shared. For the last few … Continue reading


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Spiritual Disciplines in the 21st Century

Recently I was at a meeting where my District Superintendent was speaking. He told all present that over the next few months he would be asking the ministers in our district about their devotional lives. Honestly, I was pleased with … Continue reading

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